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Is this bias training?
This is a conversation. Using the vehicle of film, we reflect on the character’s experiences in the film and observe the beginnings of someone becoming an ally. In small groups participants share their own personal experiences with empathy, first impressions, and allyship. Then we begin the steps towards creating action for your university, organization, corporation, or community.
How many people can participate at a time?
R.A.W. is best suited for a minimum of 6 people and at most 100 people per workshop session. If you have more than 100 participants we set up pods of up to 100 people in different workshops. Up to 10 sessions can happen over 2 - 3 days. This is especially helpful for universities.
I'm ready to book! Where do I go?
Visit our BOOKING page to choose the number of participants and a date.
How long is this workshop?
2 hours.
Do we need to see the film in advance?
No, we will watch it together.
How long is the film?
9 minutes and 44 seconds
I am tired of zoom, can we meet in person?
R.A.W. is offered online so that we can talk as safely as possible within small and large groups. With that said, we ask all participants to keep their videos on as that is one of the elements that makes this experience so personal.
My internet connection is spotty. Any tips?
While participating, sit near your router and turn off additional devices that may be using wifi. Make sure your upload/ download speed is near 1.5MBbps . A spotty internet connection will make it difficult to enjoy the film which has been optimized for playing via zoom.
It makes me nervous talking about race and differences. Is this for me and my group?
This is definitely for you! R.A.W. is a safe retreat where you take time with others one on one, in small groups, and with the group at large. You also have personal time to reflect on your own. We build rules at the beginning so that everyone remains respectful
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